Black Owned Business Directory

Black Owned Business Directory

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OurBlackDollars is the future of online shopping and networking. We have found a creative way to merge hundreds of well-known and niche inspired minority owned/operated products and services with a safe environment that promotes entrepreneurship and produces revenues that immediately impact our community.


To shop, search, connect or contact any of our vendors is absolutely FREE for our consumers. WHY WOULD WE CHARGE YOU TO SUPPORT OUR MINORITY OWNED BUSINESSES? YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. We made sure that our virtual mall was a consumer driven place where businesses can flourish without becoming cash strapped by unsuccessful and expensive marketing solutions. Businesses can list their products or services  and grow their business with a OurBlackDollars website for less than $2 per day.


OurBlackDollars brings you the most value with exceptional service due to our strict vetting process. Our vendors not only care about their products but they care about their community. We understand the buying power of our culture can only be beneficial to our black owned business if we are offering exemplary service and products.


Today our world has increasingly become more dependent on the internet for everything from reading the news to paying our bills. Research suggests that consumers are more willing to support for physical retailers for online shopping. This online shopping phenomenon is not just for the single splurge either. Statistics show that 40 percent of these consumers are families with one child and an astonishing 56 percent with two children or more. These order amounts easily exceed $123 per ticket due to free shipping and unbeatable cyber deals.

Due to the ever growing role of today’s parents and the insatiable desire that kids have for tech and fashion goods most households shop weekly online as opposed to the crowded, unsafe and overpriced experience you could get in the malls.

Whether its hair care products, clothing or professional services virtual shopping is the future of our international economy.


With a currently increasing buying power of $1 trillion the value of the African-American dollar is increasing and the most important key to financial freedom for our country.


We are 43 million strong as consumers in this country and have very unique behaviors within the  market. African Americans are more aggressive consumers of media products and we shop more frequently than any other race. African Americans make 8 times more shopping trips and purchase more 9 times more ethnic beauty and grooming products than anybody else in the world. Our culture read 28% more financial magazines such as Young Black Entrepreneur Magazine and we spend twice as much time on personal hosted websites than any other race.


With the value of our black dollars we have to better manage where our money is spent. It is so important to support our black owned businesses. If we pour our black dollars in our businesses we can change the landscape for our communities and our voice within the American economy. 

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